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Non-Stick URA Pan, 2.5 litre - Ø 24 cm, (With Handle and Lid)


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No self-respecting cook is without at least one non-stick Zepter Masterpiece Cookware Frying Pan. This 24cm, 2.5-litre pan comes with a long handle and dome-shaped lid and is made from toxin-free Zepter Superior Metal 316L; perfect for sautéing or pan-frying vegetables or meat, such as chops, steak, or chicken fillets. The Masterpiece Cookware base retains and spreads heat evenly without any hotspots forming, while food does not born or stick to the pan.
Frying pans are perhaps the most frequently replaced cookware item in the kitchen – but this does not need to be the case. The high-quality Zepter Superior Metal Masterpiece Cookware Frying Pans come with a lifetime guarantee and the peace of mind that you are using healthy, chemical-free non-stick materials. Conventional non-stick coatings are made with a synthetic substance, polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE). This material not only scratches and deteriorates easily, it also contains a pollutant – perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA) – which has been found to be carcinogenic.

Zepter’s latest URA technology does not use any coatings, but transforms the structure of the inner surface of the pot to make it non-stick giving you a completely safe and durable non-stick frying solution with numerous advantages:

• No toxic coating applied;
There is no risk to your health as the pan’s surface does not contain any chemicals or persistent pollutants, and will not release any toxic fumes when the pan is heated;
• The coating will not peel away or disintegrate;
• The pan lasts a lifetime and uses a material that is a far superior heat conductor than traditional cookware materials;
• Non-scratch surface: it cannot be damaged by cooking utensils (especially stainless steel ones);
• Absolute corrosion resistance;
• Special unique pot edge for clean, easy, non-drip pouring;
• The end result is healthier cooking.

The breakthrough science behind Zepter’s URA Technology follows a procedure that enhances the concentration of chrome on the surface of the bottom of the frying pan. With URA Technology, the chrome content in the first 0.5-1 micron of the surface is nearly doubled, which creates the revolutionary non-stick ability.

DOME SHAPED LID: Included with the frying pan, the lid features a comfortable ergonomic knob that is always cool to the touch and can be removed before washing or placing in the oven. The lid guarantees the Zepter Closed Circle process, when the food cooks perfectly in its own juices at low temperatures, thus resulting in a healthy, nutritious dish, which retains all of its vitamins, minerals, and nutritional values.

HEALTHIER FRYING: The unique combination of the Zepter superior metal 316L, the Accuthermal Compact Bottom, and specific design allows cooking without added fat or oil, and importantly - at low temperatures. As a result, the food is healthy and contains fewer calories, as it is not starved of nutritional values and does not contain toxic carcinogenic fats.

EASY CLEANING: The Masterpiece Cookware frying pans are constructed from  high-quality, indestructible Superior Stainless Steel which is non-porous and does not crack, therefore does not retain food particles or food odours, making it easy to clean and absolutely hygienic.

ENHANCED PERFORMANCE: The Accuthermal Compact Bottom, consisting of 3 layers of different metals, allows cooking at low temperatures by retaining accumulated energy, even when the heat has been reduced or switched off. This extraordinary property additionally saves energy consumption and is, of course, healthy, as it prevents the loss of precious nutrients. The accuthermal compact bottom works on all heat sources, including induction.
  • Item Code Z-FP2425-SC
  • Product Name Non-Stick URA Pan, 2.5 litre - Ø 24 cm, (With Handle and Lid)
  • Application Traditional cooking (with water), cooking without water, frying without fat, steam cooking
  • Gross weight [lbs] 5.07
  • Net weight [lbs] 4.19
  • Producer HOME ART. & SALES SERVICES AG, Sihleggstrasse 23, 8832 Wollerau - Switzerland
  • Type of steel AISI 316 L-304
  • Made in Italy
  • Item Height: 2,8 in
  • Capacity 0,7 US gal
  • Diameter 9,4 in
  • Dishwasher safe YES
  • Suitable for oven use YES
  • Suitable for use with the Syncro Clik lid NO
  • Warranty Free, at least 30-year warranty to repair or replace in the full extent all products made from the Zepter incomparable metal in case of defects in materials or workmanship. A 24-month warranty for replacement of the parts made from other materials than Zepter metal 316L and 304. The Digital and Analog Zepter Thermocontrols are also covered by a 24-month warranty. Do not put the Zepter Thermocontrol in the oven, in the dishwasher or on hot surfaces, and do not expose it to high temperatures. Plastic parts are covered by a 24-month warranty. Do not put them in the oven and do not expose them to high temperatures. Zepter gives a warranty for the gilding on all it’s products. This warranty does not cover: aesthetic changes resulting from the ordinary wear and tear which do not affect the product’s performance, and the damage caused by improper use of the product. To take advantage of the guarantee, one must have an original proof of purchase, keep it, please.
  • Certifications/Declaration Declaration of Conformity with Directives: 1935/04/EC and EU 10/2011 - declaration confirming that the materials used and the products are intended for contact with food, 2023/06/EC - declaration confirming compliance with a good manufacturing practice in respect of materials in contact with food, 2011/65 EU - declaration confirming compatibility of the restrictions on hazardous substances.


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