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Masterpiece Cookware Z Set - Standard - 18 pieces


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Masterpiece Cookware delivers unsurpassed nonstick performance achieved without the commonly used application of toxic coatings for ultimate safety to our health. The highest quality 316 L Stainless Steel used in the production of Zepter cookware surpasses other materials used in the cookware industry as it does not burn food, does not oxidise, and does not cause allergies. The Standard Set contains 18 pieces for preparing a wide range of food and comes with a 30-year guarantee.

The Standard Masterpiece Cookware Set features the highest-quality, toxin-free superior 316L metal materials and a revolutionary non-stick cooking system to guarantee healthier, better tastier food with fewer calories. The 18-piece set includes a 5.0 litre Master Cookware Pot – 20cm in diameter and 17cm tall – which is perfect for preparing everything from soups and sauces to making enough vegetables and potatoes for a large family and friends. The set also features the versatile 4.2 litre pot - 20cm in diametre and 14.2cm tall. The multipurpose 2.8 litre strainer is included and is perfect for draining pasta and vegetables; it also doubles as part of Zepter’s innovative stacking system for steam or pressure-cooking. The Masterpiece Cookware Stacking System saves energy, time and money as it is possible to simultaneously cook 3-4 meals on one hob.

We have also included the Steam Basket in the set which is used for cooking foods that require additional care to prepare. Use the steam basket to further distance food from the hot bottom of the pot such as in the preparation of spinach, delicate fish filets or dumplings. This process will preserve natural vitamins and protein content.

The set comes with a number of other amazingly useful utensils such as the multi-functional lids, which can be used for washing vegetables, for preparing ingredients for cooking, or as a hot cookware stand; a multi-purpose bowl, used for serving salads and other dishes, and for storing food; an ingenious grater, which can be used to grate vegetables or cheese directly into the pot, or as another level of the Stacking System. 
  • Item Code Z-510
  • Product Name Masterpiece Cookware Z Set - Standard - 18 pieces
  • Application Traditional cooking (with water), cooking without water, frying without fat, steam cooking, stacked cooking
  • Gross weight [lbs] 27.51
  • Net weight [lbs] 22.6
  • Producer HOME ART. & SALES SERVICES AG, Sihleggstrasse 23, 8832 Wollerau - Switzerland
  • Made in Italy
  • Composition * Z-2042 - Master Cookware Pot – 1,1 US gal, Ø 7,9 in * Z-2050 - Master Cookware Pot – 1,3 US gal, Ø 7,9 in * Z-2430 - Casserole - 0,8 US gal, Ø 9,4 in * Z-CB20 – Bowl, 0,5 US gal, Ø 7,9 in * Z-S20 - Strainer – 0,7 US gal, Ø 7,9 in * Z-420-18C - Steam Basket - Ø 7,1 in * Z-3AC – Grater + Lifter + Reduction Ring * Z-SK – Suction Knob * Z-CBL20 - Plastic lid, Ø 7,9 in (graphite), 3 pcs * Z-CBL24 - Plastic lid, Ø 9,4 in (graphite), 1 pc * User Manual * Warranty The pots have analog thermocontrols.
  • Warranty Free, at least 30-year warranty to repair or replace in the full extent all products made from the Zepter incomparable metal in case of defects in materials or workmanship. A 24-month warranty for replacement of the parts made from other materials than Zepter metal 316L and 304. The Digital and Analog Zepter Thermocontrols are also covered by a 24-month warranty. Do not put the Zepter Thermocontrol in the oven, in the dishwasher or on hot surfaces, and do not expose it to high temperatures. Plastic parts are covered by a 24-month warranty. Do not put them in the oven and do not expose them to high temperatures. Zepter gives a warranty for the gilding on all it’s products. This warranty does not cover: aesthetic changes resulting from the ordinary wear and tear which do not affect the product’s performance, and the damage caused by improper use of the product. To take advantage of the guarantee, one must have an original proof of purchase, keep it, please.


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